Foster Homes

Permanent Fosters


At Peanut Animal Welfare, we do not work with shelters. In our opinion, it is very important for abandoned and hurt animals to stay connected to humans and other animals to ensure they are able to find a forever home. We try and do this by placing the animals in a foster home. 

One responsibility we have as an organisation is to find loving and comfortable foster homes with people that love animals and preferably spend a lot of time at their house (a job at home or full time care for these pets). This because puppies and kittens normally require a lot of care and attention. 

We are always looking for compatible foster homes for our animals to ensure they get the best care and the attention they deserve. We have some established foster homes, but the more foster homes we have, the more animals we can help off the streets.

If interested in becoming a foster for Peanut Animal Welfare in the area of Melkbosstrand, we will do a home check, to ensure that the environment is safe and stable for the animals. If there are any other pets already living in the house, we will assess how social these are and if they are compatible with other animals. It is important that these animals are sterilized and vaccinated.  Fostering animals for PAW can last for two weeks, up to two years dependent of needs of the dogs and cats or adopt-ability.


With us, becoming a foster costs nothing, as we will cover the vet and food costs if needed.  The foster homes provide love and stability for our animals and get to know them, so we can find them a proper and well-matched forever home. 

We have some long term foster animals in our care, that are unadoptable due to circumstances. For these pets we would like to receive sponsors or donations. We will introduce them here!


Duke is 12 years old and used to be the pet of Roy and Marlene, who had Duke since he was 1 week old. Unfortunately Roy and Marlene have passed away, and Duke was found guarding their bodies. There was a concern that he would not adapt, but luckily he has bonded with his foster mom, that he will stay with until he can reunite with Roy and Marlene. 

Juju was rescued from a construction site. When we went to take her in for a sterilisation, they found out that she was a distemper survivor, with mild neurological disorder that amplifies when in distress.  Because we do not know how long she will be with us, we decided to keep her as a permanent foster. 


If you are interested in becoming a foster home for Peanut Animal Welfare, do not hesitate to contact us through email:, 

or call Liezel on  079 694 5143.


Pippa was found by Peanut Animal Welfare wandering around in Melkbos with a broken pelvis. She is around 10 years old and is blind in one eye. She can be a bit snappy, but has found her home in her current foster house. She was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur, so we have decided to keep her in her own safe space in her foster home. 


Dottie is a female sterilized cat, that was found in a house where her human had passed away 3 weeks prior. She was there with her daughter, Fluff, and escaped together when social services tried to save them. She is traumatized by the ordeal, which is why they are in a permanent foster home. She is recovering slowly. 


Fluff is a female sterilized cat. She is Dottie her daughter, and were both brought to PAW together. Because of the trauma they went through, Fluffy is totally feral and has a very hard time adjusting. She cannot be separated from her mother, so the foster home has decided to keep them both to ensure a safe environment for the cats.

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