3 Reasons Why Your Cats and Dogs Should Be Sterilised

The prospect of having your beloved pet going to the vet for a procedure can be really worrying, but sterilisation ensures their protection and avoids the financial burden of having to take care of unexpected litters.

Some other reasons for sterilisation are:

1. A healthier life

Unsterilised females are at risk of ovarian or uterine cancer, as well as mammary gland tumours. Unsterilised males, on the other hand, are at risk of testicular and prostate cancer.

Stray and unwanted kittens or puppies could also contract and transmit diseases like rabies to other animals and humans. In addition, sterilised pets live longer and are proven to live healthier lives.

2. Your pets’ safety

Because sterilisation affects animals’ hormonal makeup, the instinct urging them to stray from your home is also significantly reduced. Stray cats and dogs are at risk of being hurt or killed by cars.

Neutering males further reduces male cats and dogs’ inclination to spray and mark their territories and also reduces their aggressive tendencies to defend these territories. Dog and cat fights can be brutal and are often result in severe injuries or even death.

3. Reducing the number of unwanted animals

Pregnancy and birth are excessively stressful for female animals and notably reduces the overall health and immunity of cats or dogs. And apart from putting your pet at physical risk, this could also mean an unplanned addition (or additions) to your family.

Sterilising your cat, for example, will also reduce the probability that any unwanted kittens from her litter will grow up to be feral cats.

For more information on animal sterilisation, or if you see unwanted pets in need in the Melkbosstrand area, contact us.

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