A Guide to Dog Walking in Cape Town During Summer

Although the warmer weather seems perfect for an outing with your dog, there are some things to consider when taking your dog for a walk in the heat. This includes choosing a dog-friendly beach, cleaning up after their mess, and making sure that they aren’t negatively impacted by the heat.

Which beaches are dogs allowed to be walked on?

Dogs aren’t allowed on all the beaches in the Cape Town area and some have strict rules for dog owners bringing their dogs for a stroll. It’s important to check what the rules are for the beach you’re heading to.

The following beaches in Cape Town are dog-friendly:

Sunset Beach in Milnerton

Milton Beach in Sea Point

Long Beach in Noordhoek

Clifton 1st Beach


Sunrise Beach in Muizenberg

Download the comprehensive list of beach regulations on dogs here.

How do you clean up properly after your dog?

To avoid forgetting everything, you need to clean up after your dog walk, it’s very useful keeping everything in one place with the leash. These items will include pick-up bags and paw wipes. You could also consider reusing plastic shopping bags for pick-up. Picking up after your dog is also imperative for its health, as well as the health of other dogs because a number of canine infections spread through faeces.

Are there any rules to stick to when walking your dog?

Yes. For your dog’s own protection, and to avoid any legal action against you, keep your dog on a leash when you’re taking it for a walk. Also, be cognisant of the fact that not all people your dog wants to lovingly greet on its walk will want to engage with it. Many people have rational fears of dogs or are simply allergic.

What to look out for when walking your dog in the heat

Dogs are usually excited about life in general and become particularly enthused by the prospect of going for a walk with their beloved owner. However, you need to keep an eye out for signs of fatigue.

Also, dogs are significantly affected by heat, so if your dog starts panting heavily during an afternoon stroll, it’s a sign that it’s too hot for them. Their paw pads can also burn on hot pavements and tar, so if a surface is too hot for your hands - it’s also too hot for your dog’s paws.

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