A Basic Guide to Petcare Over the Festive Season

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

The festive season is something to look forward to for many people, but this time of year is more often than not very traumatic for pets that aren’t cared for properly.

However, there are some measures you can take to make this easier on your pets or let the festivities go on, without them noticing.

Don’t leave your pets alone at home.

If your holiday destination isn’t pet friendly, you should make arrangements to ensure that your pets are cared for. Use a professional pet sitting service when trustworthy family members or friends aren’t available, during the festive season, to take care of your pets.

Never assume that leaving your pets alone at home with (what you’d consider) enough food and water over a holiday, will keep them calm and secure.

Your pets will need attention when you are away and living your best life on the beach.

Don’t feed your pets Christmas dinner leftovers.

Or any human food at all.

Many foods are harmful to their digestive systems and some can even be deadly. Meat bones are particularly hazardous because dogs and cats can choke on them or the bones could puncture their internal organs.

Sugar is also harmful to animals and may, in some cases, cause kidney failure in dogs. Chocolate is also considered a toxin to domestic pets. So, enjoy your dessert guilt-free, you would be harming your pets if you shared it with them.

Don’t light fireworks. Ever.

Animals have far more sensitive hearing senses than humans. Therefore, any loud noises can make them extremely anxious. And although fireworks may be visually spectacular and fun tradition for some over the festive season, many pets are injured or traumatised during this time of year in an effort to escape the noise.

Unattended pets may also try to escape from their homes because they feel threatened by the loud firework explosions they hear around them. As a pet owner, you could ask your vet to prescribe calming medication in anticipation of the seasonal firework displays.

To avoid your beloved pet from running away from home, you should also ensure that they are not left unattended. This cannot be stressed enough. If your nearby neighbours do set off fireworks make sure to offer your pets as much containment as possible. If your dog decides to hide under the bed let it, it probably feels somewhat secure there. It also important for you to stay calm as to not alarm your pets.

If you see distressed pets in need over the festive season, contact us for support.

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