What to Do When You Find a Domestic Animal in Need

Finding a domestic cat or dog in need can be quite stressful and often heartbreaking. Most people are unsure whether or not they should take any action to help the animal, or whether they should rather get professionals involved.

In most cases - we recommend that you get professionals to help, however, every situation is different and there are some instances where you will need to act immediately.

So, what exactly do you do?

Because cats and dogs have very different temperaments, here’s our advice for each:


Cat-lovers will know that cats are far more temperamental than dogs, especially when they’re slightly inconvenienced, or in real distress.

· If the cat is injured, try to assess the extent of their wound without touching them. However, if the cat has been injured in the road, they will need to be moved.

· If the injured cat is in the road and struggling to move, you should move it onto a flat board first before moving it to safety.

· Cats tend to relax when they can’t see so, cover the cat in a blanket or towel to try and relax them.

· Try to keep the noise around the cat to a minimum, as they have superb hearing and a loud noise could frighten them even further.

· If you are able, take the injured or distressed cat to the nearest vet. Otherwise, secure the cat and call the SPCA or the closest animal welfare organization to assist you.


Dogs are generally perceived to be friendlier than cats, however, when they’re distressed or hurt, it’s best to approach them with caution.

· When you encounter an injured dog do not move them unless they are in the road.

· Since dogs also have sensitive hearing, it’s best to speak to them calmly and reassuringly when you approach them.

· As with an injured cat on the road, use a flat board to move the dog to safety.

· Call the SPCA or your nearest animal welfare organization to advise you on any further steps.

· If the dog isn’t wearing a collar with their owner’s contact number on it, take the dog to your nearest vet, if possible.

There are instances where a pet’s owners can’t be identified immediately, which is why you should contact a professional service for assistance.

You can reach Peanut Animal Welfare 24/7, for situations where domestic animals are in need in the Melkbosstrand area.

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