Zoey was found in January 2019 - she was being sold in Mitchell's Plain for R20 by a drug addict. She was removed and transported to Peanut Animal Welfare where she was medically examined.


Zoey had clearly been severely abused and is one of the worst cases of overbreeding we have seen. She had been used for multiple forced breedings and had the health complications associated with this, including swollen and scarred mammary glands and a tumor in her abdomen.


More critically, Zoey was also blind in both eyes, with ulceration of her eyelids from what looks like an intentional injury; possible hot water, oil or acid that has been thrown on her face. 

Both of Zoey’s eyes will have to be removed, as well as treatment for her scarring and tumor. She will need long term recovery with a foster home. 

Despite all of this, she has an incredibly sweet nature, is loving and already showing so much improvement in her new foster home. She will be sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped and have all the care in the world to get her medically and emotionally up to where she deserves to be.